In 2004, in order to create a centralized distribution of the Interstar Chim SA Company, Romania opens in Ukraine, in cooperation with Vasiliadis Group, which specialized in the import and distribution of goods in Ukraine, including household products manufactured by Interstar Chim.SA Romania, subsidiaries - the company - importer "CHIM STAR". In March 2005, after the rapid development of the Company's business in our country, production facilities in Kharkov were launched and Inter-Star Ukraine Production Company was opened. From this moment, the production of certain types of products of the Corporation in Ukraine has begun. At the end of 2005, Interstar Chim S.A. merged with Eureka Companies and became a part of the Corporation. The EUREKA group of companies was founded in 1959 in Cyprus in the city Ammocostos. The founder of EUREKA Ltd is Xanthos Sarris. Just a year later, in 1960, in Athens (Greece), the second company of the Corporation, EUREKA Hellas, began its operations. 1977 was a significant year for the EUREKA Ltd Company: in the city of Volos (Volos, Greece) a new modern factory of the EURECA Hellas Company was built with large production facilities. EUREKA Company has been very actively developing, researching and developing new products, investing in expanding of its production infrastructure and developing its activities in new markets. Over the course of fifty years, products and brands of certain categories of EUREKA Corporation products have been repeatedly recognized as No. 1 among household cleaning products. The constant striving for product innovation in the household cleaning products sector, the desire to understand, anticipate and satisfy the needs of consumers has transformed into a dynamic management model at the Company that allows respond quickly to market requirements by offering not just competitive products, but the best. Today, EUREKA Group of Companies has its own plants in 4 countries - production facilities in Greece, in Cyprus, in Romania and Ukraine, which adhere to the highest standards in the improvement and development of technological infrastructure. EUREKA Group began to export its products to other countries since 1978. Today, its products can be purchased in more than 20 international markets, including Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, USA, Asia, Arab countries, and the Middle East. The company "EUREKA" is present in these markets due to its representative offices, production facilities, a well-developed distribution network and our customers who choose and enjoy using our products. In 2013, the full corporate rights of Interstar Ukraine and Chimstar were acquired by Vasiliadis Group, with an agreement on the exclusive distribution in the country by new company of all brands of Eureka Corporation and continued close cooperation of the Ukrainian company at the technological level and the supply of European raw materials through Group Eureka. The founder of the Group Vasiliadis - Mikhail Vasiliadis has moved forward with new product categories and updating production lines and distribution of TM “FLUP” In addition, production of products under the Private Label category was established. During its long history, Interstar works according to one principle: products of European quality from European raw materials at Ukrainian prices.

To produce and distribute high-quality, low cost products. To aim unconditional customer satisfaction, addressing customer needs and expectations by following the technological innovations to offer high quality products to the customers. To manufacture high quality products for demanding companies, in the category of the private label product according to standards and wishes of customers.

Quality, Efficiency, Sustainability, Great Service, Respect and Learning Every house in Ukraine to have our products To work as a team, to drive Interstar to the top of the Ukrainian market. Respect our customers and our employees.